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Full Ishihara plates. How to learn to distinguish. The simulator for color blind.

Type of color blindness

Тип таблиц

    How to use the simulator.

    Before using the simulator, you need to configure it. Make it very easy.

    1. At the very top, indicate what type of color blindness you suffer from: Deuteranopia. (Blindness in green) or Protanopia. (Blindness in red)

    2. Indicate the type of polychromatic tables. The simulator can work with:

    • Ishihara Short - Ishihara test. 24 plates .
    • Ishihara Full - - Ishihara test. 38 plates .
    • Rabkin - The main table of Rabkin.
    • Rabkin2 - additional Rabkin table.

    3. Using the simulator. Right sort of pattern you will see a row of buttons. Their purpose:

    • Button To the begining - By clicking on it you will see the very first picture from the polychromatic table you have selected.
    • Кнопки << and >> - Needed to display drawings "in order" from beginning to end.
    • Button Случайн. - Displays a random drawing from the tables.
    • Button Показать - Press and hold it. She will allow you to see the hidden picture. Remember, in order to see it, the type of color blindness that you suffer from must be correctly selected.
    • Button Text - displays a textual description of the picture or just a hint.

    4. Use this simulator for several hours every day and after some time you will begin to distinguish between the pictures hidden in the table. No hints. Neither or just remember them. You will succeed!